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DVSA products are produced by the people who set the UK driving tests

Got your theory test or practical test soon?

Want to make sure you pass?

The Driving Standards Agency sets the rules and requirements that you need to comply with if you want to get a driving licence. That is why DVSA official driving publications are the best thing you can buy to help you pass. They are the definitive guides to all things driving or riding and written by the DVSA themselves, the very same people that set the Theory Test and Practical Driving Test. Follow the DVSA's advice by reading their books and studying their DVDs and it makes obvious sense you will give yourself the best chance to pass.

So where do you buy Official DVSA Theory Test and Practical Test Products?

There is certainly no shortage of places. We all know the online market sites full of various versions and editions. How do you know you are getting the latest advice from the latest edition? Well in truth you don’t, despite what some sellers say. We know as we trade on them ourselves and are constantly surprised by some sellers claims regarding editions that in truth can be years out of date.

So why would we be any different?

Well for a start, we have been in the business since 1995, before the theory test started. We are specialists, we only sell driving titles, you won’t find anything else but driving books on any of our platforms. We are able to keep our prices low because we buy in bulk, only sell online and as such we can keep our overheads low. We are ex driving instructors and are wholesalers for the TSO, who are the publishers of DVSA titles. We are the largest independent trade supplier in the UK of driving titles for the DVSA. We supply most of the large driving schools, local authorities, emergency services and fulfillment for many ADI training schools and colleges and we would love you to buy from us as well.


So what!

Well for you it means that if you buy from us directly not only are you getting a quality product at a good price with FREE POSTAGE but you can also be sure that what you buy IS the latest edition, guaranteed. Car

Want to bulk buy?

Are you a Driving Instructor, School, Local Authority, Police Force, Advanced Drivers Group, ADI trainer or just looking to make a large purchase?

Visit our Trade Site, Desktop Driving Ltd, where you will find even lower prices for bulk purchases.

We also provide 'fulfillment supply' providing a confidential despatch service to your clients, regardless of the quantity. Our smallest fulfilment is a couple of items once a month to a consignment of 50,000 items, from a single envelope to multiple pallets. Just let us know and we will do our best to work with your business requirements.

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There is no charge for 48hr delivery - 1 book or 100 it makes no difference it's still nothing.

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